Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yay! Decorated for Christmas!

Hello! computer is terrible. I got it while I was pregnant with Baby L, and it served me well until she was about 5 months old. Since then, however, the screen has been all wonky, flashing constantly, and sometimes the whole thing just turns off. Hence, it is very difficult to blog or anything without going a little bit crazy.

Despite that, I do miss coming on here and blogging, and I do want to update the blog more often. Hopefully a fixed computer is in the (near) future, and that can happen much more regularly! Also, since American Thanksgiving is this weekend, I figured it was close enough to Christmas to start decorating (at least on here, if not at home!). So...thanks to the wonderful Leelou Blogs, I have this adorable new layout. I am planning on trying my hand at a new image since people are starting to buy things I've made...but for the Christmas season, I'll be using this. Leelou has a ton of free layouts (donations accepted and appreciated) and they are SO well done. She also has her services for sale. There is also Leelou Swag, which has a GREAT (seriously, great) bunch of giveaways this week. You can enter them at her website, which is here. Today she has a guy's swag giveaway, which includes and ipod touch. Seriously. So go check out her awesome blog, her great layouts, and enter that giveaway! There are a couple others if you scroll down, too!

Well, I will be back on here soon to update everyone on what I've been working on lately, and what is on my future projects list. Only two and a half more weeks until I need to go back to work...eek.

Have a wonderful day, and Happy Thanksgiving for those of you celebrating!



  1. Thank you for the comment on the SMS giveaway. Good luck.....

  2. Love your festive layout! Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway!