Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A young hero...

So, as are most people, I am madly entering all the SMS giveaways. On my internet journey, I have come across a mother with an amazing little girl. She is 7 and a half, and she has a huge heart. She has heard about Smile Train, a program that repairs cleft lips and palates of children in developing countries who aren't able to afford the operations. So, this little girl, Blue, is making a quilt and finding sponsors to raise the $250 to fund an operation, and sending the quilt with the money...so one sweet little child somewhere will have this operation and be able to curl up with a quilt made with love afterwards. Please please please check out this blog and see this little girl. What a great thing!

PS - I don't know how to add pictures from a different blog to mine...so go look at the sweet pictures!



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